Sunday, June 4, 2023

Hmm, there is a huge antigovernment march in Warsaw today, but the supposedly fascist government is doing nothing to stop it

 The day is not over yet, but the government labeled by the "democratic" opposition as fascist has not done anything to stop it. 

The opposition parties claim that the march memorizes the anniversary of Poland's democratic breakthrough and the first democratic elections on June 4th, 1989. The pro-government parties, also claiming to be pro-democratic, say that coincidently the opposition celebrates the anniversary of the June 4th, 1992, overthrow of Jan Olszewski's government, the first truly democratic government formed by the Solidarity activists.

On the night of June 4-5, 1992, Jan Olszewski was deprived of his office in conditions that still arouse much controversy and anxiety and went down in history as the "night shift." 

A march organized by the Civic Platform (PO), called by the party's leader Donald Tusk in April, is "against high prices, theft, and lies, for free elections and a democratic, European Poland."

'Of course, I have nothing against the free manifestation of views, regardless of what one has. This is the beauty of democracy that everyone has this freedom, and even harsher forms of expressing these views, striking at the government, at what we do as a perty of Law and Justice also do not arouse any significant indignation of mine,' - said Prime Minister Morawiecki.

'However, it makes me laugh a little when old foxes, sitting in politics for many years, organize an anti-government march and present it as a spontaneous civil protest. I heard from local government officials how everything looks from the inside. A directive was issued from the PO headquarters that all their presidents and mayors should bring as many PO activists as possible, employees of municipal companies, local government officials, etc.,' - said the PM.