Monday, July 17, 2023

Are there any notes from Putin-Tusk meeting?

In 2009 a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Tusk took place. A year later, the President of Poland died in the still investigated (and not fully explained) plane crash in Russia.

The meeting took place in a very unusual place, on the boardwalk in Sopot, a Polish sea resort. The location allowed both parties to keep what was said there secret until now.

In a post on Twitter, one of the journalists who created the documentary 'Reset' implied that there might be a note from the meeting, which will be revealed in tonight's episode.

'Did you think there was no note from the Tusk-Putin talks in Sopot?'
– Sławomir Cenckiewicz asked on Twitter.

The series "Reset," which enjoys great interest in the public space, presents unknown information about the reset policy in Polish-Russian relations during the Civic Union - Polish People's Fraction governance (2007-2015). 

So far, each episode shown has had over 1 million views. But it seems that interest in tonight's episode will be even greater.  

'Reset' will be broadcast tonight at 9:30pm on two stations: TVP1 and TVP Info.