Thursday, July 27, 2023

Chinese propaganda identical to Russian - it wants to set Warsaw and Kiev at odds

 Niezalezna(.)pl: For many weeks, Chinese propaganda has been following narrative that fits into Russia's disinformation activities against Poland, - said the government spokesman for the security of the information, Stanisław Żaryn.

According to Chinese propaganda, Poland is a country that poses a threat to other countries, is aggressive and is arming itself to pursue imperial ambitions.

"The actions of the Republic of Poland, as suggested by Chinese propaganda, are aimed at Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and even other NATO countries. Beijing also falsely argues that Poles are present en masse on the front lines in Ukraine and provoke the prolongation and expansion of the war."

The Chinese messaging is identical with Russian. Russia argues that the actions of the Polish authorities are aimed at Poland's neighbors and allies. "The aim is to isolate Poland on the international arena" – the government spokesman wrote on Twitter.

Chinese messages also strongly emphasize the alleged hostility between Poland and Ukraine.

From the point of view of Polish government, the propaganda cooperation between China and Russia is a worrying development.