Monday, July 3, 2023

Poland sends 500 counterterrorism troops to the border

Niezalezna(.)pl reports that Polish Ministry of the Interior decided to deploy police forces to the border with Belarus. According to an expert from the Polish Institute of International Affairs, the Belarusian regime may try to use the Wagner Group to escalate threats on Polish border. 

- We expect much more intense provocations - says Wojciech Lorenz.

About 500 police officers and counter-terrorists will join 5,000 Border Guard officers and 2,000 soldiers. This happens in connection with the planned presence of mercenaries from the Wagner Group in Belarus.

According to the experts the presence of the Wagner Group in Belarus is an important element in the "game of power" between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, as well as a potential element of pressure on Ukraine or Poland.

On Monday, the Border Guard announced that 159 foreigners illegally tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border the previous day. The Border Guard points out that migrants try to cross the border in large groups of up to 60 people.