Saturday, July 29, 2023

Review of a week in Poland

July 28: 

Poland and Lithuania considering complete closure of the borders with Belarus

The camp of Wagner Group's soldiers in Belarus creates a possibility of provocation on the country's borders with NATO countries. Poland and Lithuania are considering complete closure of the borders with Belarus.

July 27: 

Chinese propaganda identical to Russian - it wants to set Warsaw and Kiev at odds

According to them, Poland is a country that poses a threat to other countries, is aggressive, and is arming itself to pursue imperial ambitions.

July 26: 

Poland files a complaint against Germany to the CJEU over illegal waste

... at the same time, we appeal to our German partner, the very "green" German government, to take away German waste. 

July 25: 

"Reset" revealed a new document hidden from President Kaczyński

The latest episode of the documentary "Reset" revealed a new, sensational note that was hidden from the President of the Republic of Poland by the officials in Donald Tusk's government. 

July 24: 

Referendum not only on migrants? A new question has been proposed: The supremacy of the Polish constitution over EU law.