Friday, August 25, 2023

Civic legislative initiative “We Will Bring Germans to Account”

Niezalezna(.)pl: The civic legislative initiative started a campaign titled '#RozliczaMyNiemców' (We Will Bring Germans to Account) intended to support Poland's actions in the enforcement of reparations - a debt from which Germany has been escaping for almost 80 years. This initiative is also a demonstration that Polish citizens want justice.

According to the draft, each future government would have to report annually on September 1st (the day WWII started) on the actions taken to obtain reparations from Germany. The future governments would also be obliged to present their plans for the next year to the Sejm (Parliament). 

The law will not bring any additional costs for the taxpayers. However, it will give Poles the opportunity to inspect and control the process conducted by those in power, and as a result, it will motivate the Council of Ministers to actively work for citizens to obtain compensation for the harm done by the Germans.

The presented draft law does not only concern the current political situation. It would bind every government with its provisions, regardless of its views or parliamentary arithmetic.

The volunteers are collecting signatures for the presented draft of act on the streets of Polish cities. The initiative is promoted via the website, as well as social media, leaflets and posters.