Friday, August 25, 2023

Polish Security Agency investigates legionella infection for possibility of terror attack

Niezalezna(.)pl: The Internal Security Agency (ABW) is to investigate the case of collective legionella infection in Rzeszów and the vicinity of the city.

The seventh person infected with legionella has already died in Rzeszów , it was announced on Friday morning. – "As for the situation in Podkarpacie, on Thursday afternoon we had 76 infected people, but we also had an official notification of seven deaths" – said Krzysztof Saczka, Chief Sanitary Inspector, on Polsat News. 

The deceased patients were between 63 and 95 years old . Currently, 76 people are infected. One patient was cured.

Saczka emphasized that the deceased were burdened with chronic diseases, especially oncology and cardiology, with very low immunity. The first case of legionella infection was detected on Friday, August 17. We become infected with the bacteria by inhaling the air in which it is present.

Meanwhile, according to the RMF FM radio station, "The ABW officers are in the city, checking, among other things, the operation of local water supply systems."

The bacteria "appeared in a strategically important region, Podkarpacie, in terms of the war in Ukraine. There is the main transfer base of military equipment for Ukrainians, as well as an important center for helping war refugees."

ABW officers are to rule out the emerging versions of possible sabotage. According to information from RMF FM, there are no grounds for claiming that there was an act of terror.

As announced by the authorities of Rzeszów, the city's water supply will be disinfected over the weekend. The mayor of the city appealed to residents to boil water before drinking. Doctors also advise that when taking a shower, if possible, leave the door to the cabin open (optionally uncovered shower curtain) - the bacteria likes warmth and humidity.

All hospitalized patients came for help with similar symptoms - high fever, malaise and shortness of breath.

On the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a crisis team convened urgently in the Podkarpackie Voivodship Office. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Health Katarzyna Sójka, Deputy Minister of Health Marcin Martyniak, the Podkarpackie Voivode (the Governor) Ewa Leniart, and Chief Sanitary Inspector Krzysztof Saczka.