Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Wieluń is the first city to adopt a resolution on reparations

Wpolityce(.)pl: At Tuesday's session, the City Council in Wieluń unanimously adopted a resolution on reparations, damages and compensation for the losses that Poland suffered due to the German invasion and subsequent occupation.

Deputy Minister Mularczyk emphasized in an interview with Polish Press Agency PAP that, this is the first such a resolution in Poland. 

This resolution is absolutely symbolic, because we all know that the outbreak of war was initiated by the bombing of Wieluń, during which the entire old town was destroyed, over 1,200 people died in a bomb attack on the sleeping city -
said the deputy minister.

The resolution refers to the resolution passed by the Sejm in September last year on seeking compensation by Poland for damages caused by Germany during World War II and a resolution of the Council of Ministers on the need to regulate in Polish-German relations the issue of damages sufferd by Poland and Poles due to Germany's unlawful attack on Poland in 1939 and the subsequent German occupation.