Friday, September 15, 2023

"Democratic" opposition involved in human smuggling scandal

Niezalezna(.)pl: For the last several weeks leader of the opposition party, Civic Platform, was alleging that the government 'imports' immigrants to Poland for financial compensation. The accusations intensified after a deputy minister was dismissed as a result of an investigation into irregularities in issuing visas to Poland. 

As a result of those accusations the mentioned minister attempted to commit suicide last night. In his letter to his family he wrote that he was not corrupt and innocent, but he could not live with that mark on his reputation.

Unfortunately for the opposition, this morning the authorities arrested an activist supporting Donald Tusk (opposition leader), for leading a criminal group involved in smuggling refugees through Poland's eastern border to the European Union.

The Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro at a conference in Kielce said: "I think this story will give a lot to think about, the findings are extremely interesting."
- For transferring one person, the international criminal group led by this lady wanted PLN 5,000. euro, and if someone wanted to go to Great Britain, it was 10,000 euro. These activists, standing on the side of Donald Tusk, Mrs. (Agnieszka) Holland, can be seen to be strongly involved in the promotion of all information that is intended to attack the actions of the Polish authorities aimed at protecting our country and the security of Poland, Poles and the European Union against the crimes of the (secret) services of a criminal state like Belarus – said Ziobro.
He added that "it is sad that also among Polish citizens there are those who are ready to participate in this provocation by Putin and Lukashenko against the security of Poles for money."