Friday, September 29, 2023

Italian Americans in Connecticut are fed up and taking New Haven to court

Local radio commentator Vinnie Penn talked about this on his show, Vinnie Penn Project on 970WELI . He pointed out that the case was not well covered in the media. We checked. You can only find it if you Google with details not everyone has. So, let us help.

Fox61: The Italian American Defense League and the Wooster Square neighborhood have filed a lawsuit against the city of New Haven and Mayor Justin Elicker over the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue. The case is being handled by renowned attorney Norm Pattis. 

Comment on CTpost: The Italian American Defense League, along with plaintiff Ralph Marcarelli, a longtime Wooster Square resident, has filed a lawsuit against New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker for removing a Columbus statue from the area. Under Elicker, the Columbus School changed its name, Columbus Day is now called Italian Heritage Day, and the Columbus statue was placed in storage. What other ethnic, racial or religious group does the government dictate who or what its cultural symbols or icons should be? 


Most Americans believe in preserving monuments as markers of our shared past. Only a small marginal group believes in removing monuments from public view. Elicker happens to be one of those ill-informed and opportunistic people who go to extremes.


We ask Mayor Elicker where he got the data that Italians support the removal of Columbus statues? His supporters are a very small group, some from outside New Haven.

PN: The Polish community in CT should support Italian American community on this.

Read more about this case on either CTpost(.)com or Fox61(.)com.