Monday, September 18, 2023

Russia owes Poland 46.4 tons of gold

Gazeta Polska / Niezalezna(.)pl: After the collapse of the barbaric Red Empire, Russia declared itself the heir to the Soviet Union. Therefore, this also applies to the obligations arising from the Treaty of Riga of March 1921, reached between Poland and the Soviet Union, which not only formally ended the war, marked the eastern borders of the Second Polish Republic, the return of interned people and prisoners of war, but also awarded Poland 30 million rubles in gold (at prices from 1913), calculated to be equal to 46.4  tons of gold, for the benefits obtained by Russia during 123 years of exploitation of Poland.

These 30 million rubles in gold were a symbolic amount. Initially, Poland demanded 296 million rubles in gold and Polish gold reserves taken from Warsaw by the Russians in the 1840s. The Soviet Union was to pay this amount in one year since the treaty but never did.

The current Polish government plans to calculate how much it will demand from Russia in war reparations. The above amount may be included in their spreadsheet.