Saturday, October 7, 2023

Lukashenko hopes that the Civic Platform returns to power in Poland

Niezalezna(.)pl: Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed hope for Donald Tusk's return to power and counts on another reset in relations between Belarus and Poland. During the press conference, the Belarusian dictator was asked about the elections to the Polish Parliament. – We do not know how the new ruling party will behave after the elections in Poland, but if Tusk wins, there is hope for a reset – he said.

The dictator described Donald Tusk as a pro-European politician and hoped he would work for Europe, not the United States.

The current Polish government clearly expresses its aspirations. They want to become a global center of gravity; they are arming themselves. Everyone is fed up with them. Germans already hate Poland's leadership. Duda and Morawiecki say they will change the world. Nonsense. (…) Donald Tusk is pro-European. I believe he will not follow Americans' orders, as the PiS party does. After all, he is a European – said Lukashenko.