Friday, October 13, 2023

Is a Supreme Audit Office in political alliance with opposition party?

Niezalezna(.)pl: Whistleblowers revealed to the television station an alliance between the president of the independent Supreme Audit Office NIK), Marian Banaś, the leader of the Civic Platform (PO), and leaders Confederation party to change power in Poland.

The television station TVP Info publicized a recording of the conversation between Marian Banaś and Donald Tusk's envoy attorney Marek Chmaj. Chmaj is known for representing the Open Dialog Foundation (supposedly formed by George Soros). It follows that Banaś and his son Jakub are to ensure that the Confederation does not form a coalition with Law and Justice (PiS) party.

 The head of the NIK assured Chmaja: "Tell the boss [Donald Tusk] that we will have a lot of control and influence over the Confederation because Jakub joined them."

Banaś emphasized to Tusk's envoy (whom he calls "the boss") that he has "gifts" for him at the end of the election campaign. For last few months, NIK has been publishing subsequent reports that were intended to attack the government.

The recordings come from employees who were no longer able to stand the use of NIK for political purposes. 

The last minute revelation, the 'October surprise,' may have come too late to change voters' mind. The vote is this Sunday.