Tuesday, November 7, 2023

EU wants to take control of the armies of Member States, including Poland's

Niezalezna(.)pl: Among the proposed changes to the EU treaties, there is a provision stating that the "common security and defense policy, including arms procurement and its development", is to be supervised by the EU and financed from a new special fund. 

If it turns out that the new regulations will allow military purchases only through European institutions and with their consent, it will mean the end of our sovereignty – says MEP Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski. In turn, prof. Romuald Szeremietiew estimates that Germany and France want to force other countries to buy the weapons they produce.

Left-liberal political forces in the EU, led mainly by Germany and France, are demanding changes to the EU treaties that would lead to the elimination of the principle of unanimity in votes in the EU Council, as well as to the removal of competences from the Member States and their transfer to Brussels in areas such as foreign policy, security, border protection, forestry, public health, and education. In total, the list of amendments to the treaties amounts to 267. The changes are also to include supervision over the army and its modernization. 

Article 42 of the Treaty on European Union on the common security and defense policy so far stated that "these tasks shall be performed on the basis of the capabilities provided by the Member States". However, the new regulations significantly expand the EU's competences and say that Brussels will determine the size and funds for the modernization of individual armies.

Former Prime Minister Beata Szydło reacted strongly to these demands of the Eurocrats, raising the alarm on social media that "among the changes to the European treaties being quickly pushed through, there are also new provisions giving Brussels control over such a key issue as arms purchases by EU member states."

Polonianews(.)com: This is clear attempt to centralize power by the left-leaning parties. When it comes to common defense, we all saw how Germany and France where dragging their feet to help Ukraine. Nothing good can come out of that.