Tuesday, November 7, 2023

European Parliament wants to strip four United Right MEPs of their immunities for liking a tweet

Wpolityce(.)pl: MEP Patryk Jaki informed that the JURI EP legal committee had voted to revoke the immunities of him and three other United Right MEPs. The main reason for this decision was... "liking" the PiS commercial from 2018 on social media.

The reason why the EP body made such a decision was the alleged spread of "hate speech" by MEPs. The recording was warning against illegal immigration.

They want to put us under Art. 256 of the Penal Code to 3 years in prison and, upon conviction, to be prohibited from standing in elections. We disturb them too much in the EU. 

They say they are a "democratic camp" and they want to put people in prison for having different opinions or "liking posts" on the Internet. Their mouths are stuffed with "freedom" and they want censorship so deeply that they use even such a trivial matter to intimidate others, - he declared.