Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Parliamentary Commission: PM candidate, Donald Tusk, should not be appointed to any position or function related to state security

Niezalezna(.)pl: The commission to investigate Russian influence in Poland recommended not appointing several people to the positions and functions related to state security - the list of names is long and starts with Donald Tusk. The report on the commission's work was published just before the planned dismissal of its members by the parliamentary majority.

"With respect to the following people: Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Minister Jacek Cichocki, ministers Bogdan Klich, Tomasz Siemoniak and Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz , the Commission recommends not entrusting them with tasks, positions and public functions related to responsibility for state security. Analyzing the available materials, including the testimony of the above-mentioned people during the prosecutor's office investigation, we had the impression that the politicians responsible for state security were not interested in state security. This scope of their responsibility was not a priority for them."

The theses of the partial report of the commission on Russian influence are as follow:

1. The Military Counterintelligence Service, being an institution whose primary tasks are to protect the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland against threats from foreign special services, has been influenced by the Russian Federation. 

2. Yielding to the influence of the Federal Security Service, taking advantage of the consent of the state leadership, including the consent of the Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, to cooperate with the FSB, the head of the SKW, Brigadier General Janusz Nosek has been tightening contacts with the FSB, which on September 13, 2013 led to the signing in St. Petersburg of the agreement with the Russian Federation on cooperation and collaboration in the field of military counterintelligence.

3. Between April 2010 and 2011, cooperation with the FSB was carried out without the formal consent of the Prime Minister and without the knowledge of the Minister of National Defense confirmed in documents. 

4. The Commission confirms the validity of the allegations made in December 2017 by the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw that the full scope of cooperation undertaken, covering a wider scope than requested, was concealed from the Prime Minister.

5. The 2013 agreement was harmful to the interests of the Republic of Poland also in terms of being in conflict with the obligations towards NATO.