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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Polish border guards will go to Finland to help in connection with the hybrid attack on the Finnish border

 PAP: Polish border guards will go to Finland on Monday as part of an advisory mission in connection with the hybrid attack on the Finnish border, Border Guard spokeswoman Capt. Anna Michalska told Polish Press Agency (PAP). As part of the mission, Polish experts will advise the Finns on technical and legal issues of border protection.

"Our experts will go to show how our border barrier on the eastern border is constructed. They will also talk about legal solutions and cooperation with the army. Specialists from the Border Guard and the army will participate in the mission," said Michalska .

On Tuesday, the Finnish government decided to close the entire border with Russia. According to this decision, emigrants coming to Finland through Russia will not be able to cross its eastern border and submit asylum applications there. Only the transport of goods will be allowed across the Finnish-Russian border. This decision was made due to the influx of migrants from third countries and in response to "organized action by the Russian state aimed at exerting influence," emphasized Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo at the conference in Helsinki.