Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Poland: Ecoactivist attacked by a bear, he wanted to prove a point

Niezalezna(.)pl: The ecoactivist of the Dzikie Karpaty Initiative and Strength of the Forest Foundation wanted to prove that - due to the fault of foresters who destroyed the bear's lair - the lair is empty. It eas not. The animal attacked and foresters had to come to help.

In August 'The Dzikie Karpaty Initiative and the Strength of the Forest Foundation' sent a letter to forest service stating "the need to immediately suspend all forest management activities in this forest division" and requested that the service create a protection zone around the bear's lair. 

The activists knew perfectly well about the procedures related to the creation of the zone, but as the foresters point out, "on November 12, they disturbed the peace of a roosting animal, provoking a dramatic situation in which they became participants."

"Since they themselves submitted an application for the creation of the zone, they should comply with the rules resulting from this situation." The forest district notified the police about the incident.

The situation was also referred to on the profile of the State Forests on the X: "Do you remember the last bear attack on a man in the Bieszczady Mountains? It turns out that the misfortune was provoked by ecoactivists who went to the forest to prove that the bears had moved out because of forest works. Well..."

Polonia News: No word on the condition of the activists in either incident. We can only assume that the membership numbers are fluctuating.