Saturday, November 4, 2023

US Ambassador to Poland met with representatives of extremely politicized 'Free Courts' group

Wpolityce(.)pl: The United States Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, met with representatives of the Free Courts initiative, which is extremely politicized and has supported the opposition from the beginning. “The rule of law is crucial to any democracy and is a core, shared value of the U.S. and Poland,” Brzezinski wrote.

For Mark Brzezinski, this is not the first time to get involved in a political dispute in Poland. He willingly meets with opposition politicians, but also with several types of 'independent,' but in fact, openly political associations, and organizations.

Polonia News: Mr. Brzezinski's activities are seen as attempts to influence politics in Poland and are not well received by the conservative parties. But perhaps that's the point: to help the opposition defeat them and help extremely left-leaning parties and organizations to form the new government. Apparently, neither Mark Brzezinski nor the Biden administration cares about optics.