Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Big purges in Poland. The new "democratic" PM presented the "plan of the day," most might be illegal

Niezalezna(.)pl: Today, the new-old Prime Minister Donald Tusk posted an entry on Twitter in which he presented the "plan of the day." It is clear from the content - there will be changes in the highest positions of the services - including the Anticorruption Agency (CBA), the firing of Jacek Kurski (Poland's representative to the Council of Executive Directors of the World Bank) and... dealing with Poland's budget for 2024. 

"Then let's fasten our seat belts. New heads of services, including the CBA, adoption of the budget, dismissal of Kurski from Washington - this is the beginning of the day. A long day. "

However, the intentions of Tusk's team are highlighted by Stanisław Żaryn - former government plenipotentiary for the security of the information space of the Republic of Poland. As he points out, these actions are illegal.

The problem is that, as it turns out, the new majority has no reasons or premises for this. This means that all such activities will be carried out illegally. Stanisław Żaryn wrote about it, also on Twitter. He also showed specific legal provisions to prove his point. 

"On the merits: The acts list the grounds for dismissing the Heads of Special Services. The catalog is closed and precise. None currently available. There are also no grounds to shorten the term of office of the Head of the CBA."