Saturday, December 23, 2023

Poles betrayed by their own government - said Ronald Reagan on December 23, 1981

This morning, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reminded us that on the same day in 1981, President Ronald Reagan delivered a Christmas speech to the nation. It was largely devoted to the situation in Poland.

That may be why the new Polish government, largely considered around the World to be centrist, but in fact, it consists in large part of the so-called 'post-communist' politicians, wants so badly to take control of this agency that is doing it way outside of the legal boundaries. 

The above-mentioned politicians don't want Poles to know what is happening in their country, so they attempt to take control of all the media, including PAP.

Forty-two years ago, Reagan emphasized that Poles had been betrayed by their government, and it seems that exactly the same thing is happening now. 

"As I speak to you today, the fate of a proud and ancient nation hangs in the balance. For a thousand years, Christmas has been celebrated in Poland, in the land of deep religious faith, but this Christmas does not bring joy to brave Poles. They were betrayed by their own government," said President Reagan.

Exactly the same thing is happening today. Poles voted for the change in the government, hoping for a better government and better relations with the European Union and other nations. It seems they were lied to and, just as in 1981, betrayed. President Duda said twice this week that the new government, only a week old, is violating the constitution, and they are still happily pushing forward. 

So, I would like to thank the brave journalist at the Polish Press Agency, who were already told that they would be removed from their jobs, for reminding us of this historical speech. Thank you!

President Duda should speak to the Polish nation today and quote Ronald Reagan. It would be fitting.

Because the above-mentioned speech is not easy to find, I am posting a link to it.