Thursday, February 8, 2024

EU favors Ukrainian food products over their own farmers' products

 Dorzeczy(.)pl: The decisions made by Eurocrats are not favorable to the common market, but to the Ukrainian oligarchs. Paradoxically, this is to the detriment of our relations with Ukraine - says Monika Przewroska, director of Polish Institute of Agricultural Economy.

"European farmers broke away from their traditional activities and took to the streets because they hit a wall when it came to their economic situation. Farmers are protesting in a spectacular way. It must be clearly stated that the economic situation of farms has deteriorated dramatically in recent months.

Firstly, the European Union has been pushing for a long time a number of regulations that have negative effects and affect the competitiveness of farms located in Europe. We all know how the costs of running agricultural activities have increased, and at the same time, we are faced with restrictions on running them. At a time when increasing burdens are hitting farmers, the same European Union that imposes these restrictions is opening our market to agri-food products from Ukraine. They were supposed to be only transferred via the EU to African and Middle Eastern countries, but in reality, it is completely different. Ukrainian products are replacing products that were sold by European farmers. In such a system, the European farmer's production is in no way competitive, and therefore, he can not make money from it. So farmers took to the streets to show that this simply can't be done anymore.

Unfortunately, the truth is that Eurocrats will try to cheat farmers. 

Yesterday, the European Commission informed that they will probably withdraw from the idea of ​​​​limiting the use of pesticides in the EU.

On the same day, they offered "Fit for 90," which describes how agriculture must change to achieve 

reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2040. It is explicitly stated that farmers must transform and move towards electric tractors or reduce their herds.

On February 9, there will be a general strike of farmers in Poland, as announced by the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union of Individual Farmers. Farmers intend, among other things, to: block border crossings with Ukraine.