Monday, February 5, 2024

Harsh criticism: Mark Brzezinski is not actually the US ambassador to Poland

"Mark Brzezinski is not actually the US ambassador. His policies and behavior show that he is a representative of the Democratic Party in Poland," said Rafał Ziemkiewicz, the commentator for the news portal, Dorzeczy.

In the latest video on YouTube, Ziemkiewicz addressed the activities of US Ambassador Marek Brzezinski. The columnist draws attention to Brzezinski's strong support, as opposed to never-ending criticism of previous government, for the actions of Donald Tusk's government.

"– Whenever any minister does anything contrary to democratic principles, Mr. Brzezinski invites him to the embassy, ​​slaps him on the back, and posts photos on social media."

"For Mr. Brzezinski, PiS is Polish Trumpism, and Trumpism itself is the Democrats' greatest enemy, which is why he will support Civic Platform against the interests of America" - says the 'Do Rzeczy' columnist.

In his opinion, Mark Brzezinski is doing something that is unprecedented in American history. The US ambassador openly authorizes anti-democratic actions with the authority of the United States.

Polonia News: The situation in Poland is dramatic. Many Poles begin to view the current government's actions as treasonous. The United States should, at the very least, stay neutral.

- Based on reporting by Dorzeczy(.)pl.