Thursday, March 28, 2024

Is Russia preparing to attack Lithuania from Belarus?

Recently, information appeared in Belarusian independent media about the possibility of Russia carrying out an attack on Lithuania.

A few days ago, Alexander Lukashenko personally checked the combat readiness of the Belarusian army in the Ashmyany region, right next to the border with Lithuania.

– He will definitely not declare war on Lithuania or Poland and will not set off with his troops. But there is a high probability that Belarus may become a bridgehead where a Russian soldier will put his dirty boot and set off through Belarus to Lithuania or Poland - says Col. Wałery Sachaszczyk, former commander of Belarusian landing brigade in Brest.

In Belarus, bridges on the roads towards Vilnius are currently being renovated. Many of those roads are almost not used for economic purposes. The only logical explanation is that they are being prepared for military traffic. 

- Based on reporting by Wprost(.)pl