Monday, March 4, 2024

Polish made personnel carrier, Oncilla, is going straight from the factory to the front lines in Ukraine

Defence24(.)pl:  A relatively small company, Mista, from Stalowa Wola in Poland, until recently, only known to people in the industry, has exported its 100th armored personnel carrier. 

Each vehicle leaving the assembly plant of Mista Oncilla is fighting at the front after just a few days. It receives excellent reviews from those whose words have the greatest value - soldiers.

So far, the company's headquarters in Stalowa Wola has not received information that even one Ukrainian soldier was killed in Oncilla, although during the fighting several vehicles were damaged to an extent that could be described as a "total loss".

Mista is already working on Oncilla II. It is known that it will be larger than the one currently produced, and therefore most likely also noticeably heavier.

- Based on reporting by Defence24(.)pl.