Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Belarus conducts live fire exercises near the border with Poland

Since this (Tuesday) morning, Belarus has been conducting exercises to test the combat readiness of the troops. The main element is tactical shooting using live ammunition, says the Belarusian Ministry of Defense.

According to available information, the exercises will last until Thursday, April 11. 

The Belarusian troops will practice defensive actions, in particular repelling a potential enemy's offensive, destroying illegal armed formations, sabotage and reconnaissance groups, inflicting fire damage on advanced enemy units, and providing fire support to defending units. 

The exercises take place at training grounds in the Grodno, Brest, Vitebsk, and Mogilev regions, the press release states. The first two are right on the Polish border.

There is practically no week when the Belarusian regime does not put certain military units or entire types of troops on alert.

- Based on reporting by Niezalezna.