Saturday, April 6, 2024

Polish Air Force scrambles fighter jets overnight. Is Russia testing Polish defenses?

Last night, Russia attacked Ukraine with cruise missiles and drones. As a result of Russian activity, Poland scrambled fighter jets overnight.

Overnight from Friday to Saturday, Russia attacked almost all of Ukraine. In Kharkiv, the Russians attacked civilian infrastructure. Nine skyscrapers, three university dormitories, several administrative buildings, a grocery store, and a gas station were damaged. At least six people were killed and ten wounded during the attack. "This attack on the peaceful inhabitants of Kharkiv proves once again that Russia is a terrorist state," the city's mayor, Igor Terekhov, wrote on Telegram this morning.

Due to the Russian missile attack on the territory of Ukraine, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Force scrambled its own and allied planes into the air. "Attention, Polish and allied aircraft are operating in the airspace, which may increase noise levels, especially in the south-eastern part of the country. Tonight, intense long-range aviation activity of the Russian Federation is being observed, related to missile strikes against objects located on the territory of Ukraine. All necessary procedures to ensure the safety of Polish airspace have been implemented and the Operational Command of the Armed Forces is monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis." 

At approximately 06:30, The Operational Command announced the return of the planes to the base. 

PN: Occasional launching of cruise missiles close to Polish borders, and sometimes with violation of those borders, brings to mind a question of whether or not it is intentional. It certainly shows Russians the reaction time and what kind of equipment is used. 

- Based on reporting by Dorzeczy.