Friday, May 10, 2024

Big farmers' protest in Warsaw!

This afternoon, a march of the Solidarity Trade Union and Farmers' Solidarity Union started in Warsaw. 

Farmers are protesting against the EU's Green Deal policy and Donald Tusk's government's failure to fulfill its promises.

"Down with the Green Deal," said the banners carried by protesters. 

Union members will also collect signatures for a petition calling for a referendum on the adoption of the EU Green Deal.

Representatives of the protesters walked into the headquarters of the European Commission Representation in Warsaw, where they wanted to submit a petition addressed to the head of the European Commission regarding the Green Deal.

"The Green Deal is a problem that affects all employees in Poland. Not only farmers. Finally, we want the head of the European Commission to approach this in a responsible manner, because we have sent many letters, for example regarding the ECJ, hence the petition," - said the head of NSZZ "Solidarność" while handing the document to an EU official.

"We are asking the President [Ursula von der Leyen] for a deep revision of the solutions contained in the European Green Deal, which, if implemented in their current form, will lead to the collapse of many economies of Central and Eastern Europe and, consequently, to the economic collapse of the entire Europe," - says a letter signed by the chairman of NSZZ "S" Piotr Duda and the chairman of NSZZ RI "S" Tomasz Obszański, which was submitted to the EC office in Warsaw.

UPDATE: How big was the protest? The organizers claim that there were 250-300 thousand protesters. Warsaw's Town Hall claims that it was only 30-35 thousand. However, the protesters collected 150 thousand signatures under the petition for a referendum on the Green Deal. Let's assume it was 150K, which is still a BIG DEAL. 

- Based on reporting by Wpolityce, Niezalezna, and Dorzeczy.