Monday, May 13, 2024

Donald Tusk showed no class and an absolute lack of respect toward the President of Poland

Prime Minister Donald Tusk, visibly protected by the European Commission, took cheap shots at the president while attending the ceremony at the Presidential Palace. During his speech, he proudly reminded everyone that police illegally entered the Palace to arrest presidential guests. 

"Normality is the arrest of important politicians-criminals, even if someone very important holds a protective umbrella over them."

The action was only possible when the President attended to his duties and neither he nor his security agents were present. 

During the ceremony, President Andrzej Duda accepted changes to the composition of Donald Tusk's government. Among the departing ministers was Marcin Kierwiński, who ordered the police intrusion of the Presidential Palace. 

Tusk said the ministers leaving the government today "have taken responsibility for the most difficult time on their shoulders."

"He (Kierwiński) made decisions showing that the time of impunity was ending for politicians who broke the law, and regardless of what political umbrella hung over them, Minister Kierwiński did not hesitate to enforce the law, I thank the Minister very much for that."

President Duda did not take legal action against Tusk's government, which would have probably led to a serious political crisis. 

- Based on reporting by Wpolityce.