Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Polish tank 'Hard' is harder than the Russians thought. It survived the anti-tank missile storm

Ukrainian tank crews serving on two PT-91 Twardy (Hard) tanks donated by Poland survived a massive attack carried out by the Russians using anti-tank grenade launchers and guided missiles. All this is due to the reactive armor, including the Polish ERAWA-2, and additional ERA modules. 

In the recording published at the end of April, the former Polish tanks were shot at with various types of anti-tank weapons, including guided missiles of an unknown type. The tanks were hit in various places, although most hits were on the sides of the hull and turret. In this case, the local modification used on the Hard tanks was also important in the form of placing additional modules of reactive armor in the middle of the hull side, which also contributed to the survival of the tank crews.

The additional protection fulfilled its most important function, the Hard crews survived and evacuated, leaving the tanks in a condition suitable for repairs and return to service.

This event shows how effective protection against anti-tank weapons armed with simple warheads is provided by reactive armor, including the Polish-made ERAWA-2. Poland is now working on the next generation of it called Pangolin.

- Based on reporting by Defence24.