Monday, May 27, 2024

The President of Poland was not invited to the celebrations of The West German Constitution

 The President of the Republic of Poland was not invited to Berlin's celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the 'Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany'.

According to reports from Radio Eins, at the level of heads of state, only Macron was invited to the ceremony. As the media emphasize, the meeting of the presidents of France and Germany is intended to improve the difficult relations between Berlin and Paris and to emphasize the special importance of relations between Germany and France, especially before the European Parliament elections.

French President Emmanuel Macron began a three-day visit to Germany on Sunday. This is the first official state visit of a French president to Germany in 24 years.

The "Berliner Zeitung" points out that Poland adopted the first constitution in Europe, without which the German Basic Law could never have been created in this form. "How can you forget about this on such an important day as the celebration of the Basic Law?" – asks the Berliner Zeitung.

PN: At least the German government is not trying to hide its less-than-friendly attitude toward Poland, and that's OK; most of us already knew that.

- Based on reporting by Wpolityce.