Saturday, May 25, 2024

Will Poland's worst FM start WWIII for his political ambitions?


About an hour ago, I opened my smartphone to check on the news, and Google served me a headline that shocked me: "Polish FM says US will strike Russian troops in Ukraine if Russia uses nuclear weapons."

Now, how in the world does this man know that? He is probably Poland's worst FM in history, and that says a lot. I would be surprised if anybody in the US government would share something like that with him. After all, he is the one who congratulated the US for blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline not long ago, even though nobody knows who did that. 

My guess is Mr. Sikorski is trying to convince anybody who doesn't know Polish politics that he is the most anti-Russian politician. He has to because about nine months ago, a Polish journalist produced a documentary proving that Radek Sikorski and his boss, Donald Tusk, started Reset with Russia, sacrificing vital Polish interests. The journalist lost his job at the public television station TVP right after the duo returned to power. 

Mr. Sikorski wants to be elected to the European Parliament, so he needs to at least pretend that he will represent Polish interests there.  I just hope that the World will not pay the price if Vladimir Putin decides to use his words as an excuse to start the war against NATO. And that's what makes this man the worst (and probably the stupidest) Foreign Minister in the history of the Polish Republic.