Thursday, June 22, 2017

It was Polish F-16s that intercepted Russian minister's plane

All the "well informed" networks failed to identify, at least in the headlines, to what NATO country this F-16 belonged so we would like to help. It was Polish F-16 on patrol of the skies, Baltic Air Policing, of those Baltic nations that don't have their own air force.

Polish jets had to intercept Russian planes because they failed to identify themselves and respond to air traffic control. For several years now Russian planes fly in that region with their transponders turned off and ignore any calls from air traffic control, creating a danger to civilian air traffic and that is not "safe or professional behavior". The fact that even diplomatic plane refuses to do that makes it even worse. One day Russians will cause another air tragedy and will get away with it.

Of course Russians claimed that their planes drove off Polish F-16 when in fact after identifying Russians planes it simply flew off.