Friday, January 31, 2014

Military sends signals to both sides

To the president: Ukraine's military on Friday called on President Viktor Yanukovych to take "urgent steps" to ease turmoil in the country, weighing in for the first time on the ex-Soviet nation's worst crisis since independence.

To opposition: The defense ministry said in a statement the seizure of government buildings was unacceptable and warned that "further escalation of the confrontation threatens the country's territorial integrity." (The army may or may not listen to the defense ministry.)

UN gets involved

The UN’s human rights office on Friday called on Ukraine to launch an independent probe of deaths, kidnappings and torture of protesters and their leaders.

“We are appalled by the deaths reported in recent days in Kiev, which should be promptly, thoroughly and independently investigated,” said Rupert Coville, spokesman for the UN high commissioner for human rights.

“We are also calling for an investigation into reports of kidnappings and torture,” he told reporters.

US finally gets involved in the crisis

Finally, today (Friday 1.31.14) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that overtures by Ukraine's embattled president to the country's political opposition have not been enough to resolve the crisis there.

"The offers of President Yanukovych have not yet reached an adequate level of reform and an adequate level of sharing of the future so that the opposition can, in fact, feel that it can legitimately come to the table," Kerry said.

There is also talk of planned Kerry's meeting with opposition leaders. Something that already angered Russians.

Kerry also asked other countries to stay out of the crisis — a warning to Russia.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama mentioned Ukraine in his State of the Union

President Obama finally found the time to take a stand, sort of, on the situation in Ukraine:
Our alliance with Europe remains the strongest the world has ever known.  From Tunisia to Burma, we’re supporting those who are willing to do the hard work of building democracy.  In Ukraine, we stand for the principle that all people have the right to express themselves freely and peacefully, and have a say in their country’s future.
 First sentence has never been further from the truth (in other words it's a lie). For example, Poland is so frustrated with this "alliance" that is looking toward EU (France in particular) when it comes to military cooperation and armed forces modernization.

However, more importantly you would expect that Nobel Peace Prize winner in-advance would take stronger stand against tyrannical government and it's sponsor, Putin. It's a shame. He either doesn't really care, doesn't have guts to stand up to Putin, or both.

BTW neither Tunisia nor Burma are in Europe.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Limbaugh and Beck ignore Ukraine

The self declared leaders of freedom and democracy Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh completely ignore the deadly protests in Ukraine. Glenn Beck used to teach the history of communism and fascism. He used to spend hours on the subject. Yet this week he did not find the time to say anything about the dramatic situation in Ukraine. The same for Rush Limbaugh. Too bad. Their voice could persuade GOP and Democrats (maybe even president Obama) to talk about it.

Ukraine: State of Emergency is being planned

Leaders of opposition have learned that General Staff of armed forces is sending letters to all military bases urging officers to demand that president declares the State of Emergency.

Opozycja ostrzega: Szykują stan wyjątkowy

Sztab Sprzeciwu Narodowego na Majdanie oświadczył, że ma informacje mogące świadczyć o przygotowaniach do wprowadzenia stanu wyjątkowego. Wygląda na to ze sztab generalny ukraińskich sił zbrojnych próbuje zorganizować nacisk oficerów jednostek w całym kraju na prezydenta aby ogłosił on wprowadzenie stanu wyjątkowego. Ukraina: Szykują stan wyjątkowy?

You need to read Mikheil Saakashvili's letter to YOU!!!

Why the West Must Join the Ukraine Protesters
What the Ukraine protests are really about: Western freedom vs. Putin's vision of a restored Russian empire.

The article by Mr. Saakashvili, president of Georgia from January 2004 to November 2013, was published by The Wall Street Journal.

If this link doesn't work or takes you to the page that block your access please go to Google News and search for Mikheil Saakashvili.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sytuacja na Ukrainie zagraża Polsce

Sytuacja na Ukrainie jest coraz groźniejsza. Nie tylko dla Ukraińców, także dla Polski i Polaków. Polacy w Ameryce musza o tym mówić wszystkim którzy chcą nas słuchać (i tym co nie). Jeśli na Ukrainie wygra dyktatura to polska komuna znowu podniesie głowę.

Naszym celem musi być nakłonienie prezydenta Obamy do działania. Jeśli pamiętacie rewolucje w Iranie to wiecie, ze Obama nic nie zrobi bez oddolnego nacisku.

W dzisiejszym angielskim poście sa fragmenty listu otwartego Jurija Andruchowycza. Użyjmy ten list do pokazania innym prawdziwej sytuacji na Ukrainie.

Do you believe in freedom? - Then read this

Yuri Andrukhovych, an Ukrainian prose writer, poet and essayist, wrote an open letter to all of us. All of us who care, or claim to care, about peace, democracy and freedom. Here are excerpts from his letter:

During the less than four years of its rule, Viktor Yanukovych’s regime has brought the country and the society to the utter limit of tensions. ...  The scale of what has been stolen and usurped exceeds all imagination of what human avarice is capable.

The only answer this regime has been proposing in the face of peaceful protests, now in their third month, is violence, violence that escalates and is “hybrid” in its nature: special forces’ attacks at the Maidan are combined with individual harassment and persecution of opposition activists and ordinary participants in protest actions... The key word here is intimidation...

... on January 16th in a crude violation of all rules of procedure and voting, indeed of the Constitution itself, in the course of just a couple of minutes with a simple show of hands voted in a whole series of legal changes which effectively introduce dictatorial rule and a state of emergency in the country without formally declaring them....

If dictatorship wins, Europe must take into account the prospect of a North Korea at its eastern border and, according to various estimates, between 5 and 10 million refugees...

When darkness falls on Kyiv, unidentified groups of “people in civilian clothes” roam the city, hunting for the young people, especially those who wear the symbols of the Maidan or the European Union. They kidnap them and take them out into forests, where they are stripped and tortured in fiercely cold weather... (see the video in earlier post)

One more characteristic detail: in Kyiv hospitals the police force entraps the wounded protesters; they are kidnapped and taken out for interrogation at undisclosed locations... 

To conclude: in Ukraine full-scale crimes against humanity are now being committed, and it is the present government that is responsible for them. If there are any extremists present in this situation, it is the country’s highest leadership that deserves to be labelled as such.

...The Ukrainian people, without exaggeration, now defend the European values of a free and just society with their own blood.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zawieszenie walk dzięki tym trzem?

Wszystko wskazuje na to ze dzięki trzem ortodoksyjnym mnichom zastygły walki w Kijowie (zdjęcie w ang. poście).

Ceasefire ... thanks to monks

Orthodox monks from Ukrainian Orthodox Church (not clear witch one) placed themselves between the warring sides, and began to pray calling both sides to stop their fighting and repent. And ...


Kiev: more people killed by regime's riot police

This is a real REVOLUTION. People are being killed because they would rather join EU then new Russian Empire. The number of people killed rose to 5. The number of injured is unknown, what we do know is that those who seek medical help in hospitals "disappear". The reported injuries are horrific. Most of them are injuries to the head, people are losing their eyes because police is shooting rubber bullets at head height level.

Below you can see how those arrested are treated:

fot. Efrem Lukatsky AP


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Krew na ulicach Kijowa

W ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin na ulicach Kijowa polała się krew zginęły 3 osoby w tym dwie zostały zastrzelone.

Na Ukrainie znów starcia. Są ofiary
Prezydent zaniepokojony sytuacją na Ukrainie

(Prezydent Obama jeszcze nic o tym nie wie lub nie reaguje.)

Blood on the streets of Kiev (Kyiv)

In the last 24 hours 3 people were killed in clashes with the riot police. Two of them shot with the live ammunition.

Ukraine police, Kyiv protester clashes kill 3
Injured Ukraine activists ‘disappearing’ from Kyiv hospitals

Monday, January 20, 2014

Polish "Solidarity" for Ukraine

Legendary members of "Solidarity" movement from 1980's filmed a message for Ukrainian opposition fighting for free and independent Ukraine. The message is simple: protect and defend everybody.

Where on all this is our Noble Peace Prize winner, Obama? (rhetorical question)

Solidarność z Ukraina

Od rana dochodzą do nas wiadomości o coraz poważniejszych walkach demonstrantami z silami rządowymi. Nasze serca są z Narodem Ukraińskim.

Poniżej film działaczy Solidarności dla Ukrainy.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Media in shock

American media are in shock, their pope called abortion "horrific". They were so surprised that head of the Catholic Church would call abortion a horrific act, something the Church sees as mortal sin (I mean abortion-for those on the left), that they concluded that it must be after conservatives' criticism.

Yahoo News says: Pope, after conservatives' criticism, calls abortion "horrific"
Since his election in March, the pope, while showing no signs of changing the Church's position against abortion, has not spoken out against it as sternly or as repeatedly as his predecessors, Pope Benedict XVI and the late John Paul II.

They were hoping to shut Catholics up on abortion but they failed

Amerykańskie media w szoku

Amerykańskie media doznały szoku. Bez żadnego uprzedzenia papież, do tej pory uznawany przez lewicowe media za swojego człowieka, nazwał aborcje okropnością. Media były tak zaskoczone tym, ze głowa kościoła katolickiego powtórzy to co zawsze mówi Kościół ze napisały ze papież zrobił to po krytyce konserwatystów (czyli zaplutych karłów reakcji religijnej).

Friday, January 10, 2014

Okropne liczby zatrudnienia

Nie dość ze w grudniu stworzono tylko 74 tys nowych miejsc pracy to jeszcze liczba osób szukających pracy dramatycznie spadła o pół miliona (dzięki czemu bezrobocie spadło poniżej 7%).

Wszystko wskazuje na to ze rząd Obamy wiedział jaki będzie raport i stad mamy nowe inicjatywy Obamy.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wałęsa: Obama nie odbudował pozycji USA

W wywiadzie udzielonym dla CNN Lech Wałęsa stwierdził, że Obama nie zdołał przywrócić Ameryce roli światowego lidera.
"Gdy został wybrany, świat wiązał z nim wielkie nadzieje. Wierzyliśmy, że Obama przywróci Ameryce moralne przywództwo, ale poniósł porażkę. ... Ameryka nie przewodniczy w świecie w kwestii moralnych. W kwestiach militarnych - owszem, to nie ulega wątpliwości. Jeśli chodzi o gospodarkę jest coraz gorzej. Ale w kwestii polityki i moralności USA nie przewodniczy już w świecie. ... Do końca ubiegłego wieku USA były ostatnią deską ratunku dla wszystkich problemów świata. Były ostatnią nadzieją dla jakiegokolwiek konfliktu. Ameryka zawsze pomagała. A teraz straciliśmy tę ostatnią deskę ratunku. ... Musimy odbudować przywództwo Ameryki. Wydaje się, że Obama mógł podołać temu zadaniu, ale on tego nie dokonał. Bądźmy po prostu szczęśliwi, że na świecie nie ma żadnych większych konfliktów, ponieważ świat byłby wtedy bezradny. W dłuższej perspektywie jest to niebezpieczna sytuacja. Tak więc czekamy na prezydenta, który to zrozumie."

Man Obama never met: President failed to reclaim US's moral leadership

Former president Lech Walesa, also known as a "Man of Hope", has declared that President Barack Obama has failed to reclaim the country's 'moral leadership' of the world.

Walesa is not just a man Obama never met. He is the first and probably the only politician who refused to meet Obama. (To be fair, Obama is not a man above a petty payback.)

Here is what Walesa said:
“When he was elected there was great hope in the world, ... We were hoping that Obama would reclaim moral leadership for America, but that failed, ... Up until the end of the last century, the United States was the last resort for all the world's problems, ... It was the last hope for any world problem or conflict. America always helped. And now, we have lost America as this last resort. ... We have to do everything we can to recreate, to reclaim America's role. To give America that leadership role again. ... We’re just lucky that there are no bigger conflicts in the world, because if it had bigger conflicts then the world would be helpless. In the long run, it is a dangerous situation. So we are awaiting a President who will understand that.”

I don't want to think what will happen when someone tells our president about it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It is so cold that...

It is so cold that Democrats keep hands in their own pockets.

It is so cold that numbers in many states are lower then President's approval rating.

It is so cold that Barnes and Noble moved Al Gore global warming books to the fiction section.

Dziś jest tak zimno że...

Dziś jest tak zimno że Demokraci z niechęcią wyjmują ręce z naszych portfeli i wkładają we własne kieszenie.
Dziś jest tak zimno że księgarnie przenoszą książki Al Gora o globalnym ociepleniu do sekcji fikcji.

Obama tak naprawił ekonomie ze potrzebujemy ... przedłużyć świadczenia dla bezrobotnych

Do tej pory Obama wmawiał nam, ze skutecznie naprawił amerykańską ekonomie i wystarczy popatrzyć na statystyki które pokazują ze bezrobocie spada. Podobno nawet na tej podstawie chce ubiegać się o trzecia kadencje.

Dziś, po powrocie z 2 tygodniowych wakacji Obama przystąpił do ataku twierdząc ze musimy szybko przedłużyć świadczenia dla bezrobotnych i oczywiście Republikanie, zaplute karły reakcji, temu przeszkadzają.

Ktoś może zapytać, jak to jest możliwe ze musimy przedłużyć te świadczenia skoro bezrobocie spada i wyszliśmy z zapaści ekonomicznej?

Po pierwsze, statystyki bezrobotnych idą w dol bo bardzo dużo ludzi w dalszym ciągu jest bez pracy a ich świadczenia się skończyły. Rzad wykorzystuje ta sytuacje i po prostu przestaje liczyć tych ludzi jako bezrobotnych.

Po drugie, twierdzenie ze wychodzimy z zapaści ekonomicznej oparte jest właśnie na statystykach o bezrobociu.

Prawda jest taka, ze naprawa gospodarki idzie Obamie tak dobrze jak jego Obamacare.

Obama's economic recovery is so good that we need to .... extend an unemployment

It is reported that President Obama will seek a 3rd term as a president based on brilliantly executed recovery from the "greatest recession" (caused by Bush - of course). The recovery worked so well that we need to extend for 3 months unemployment benefits to millions of people.

Wait what? If recovery worked why do we need this extension? Who is lying to us? Maybe the recovery is, like Obamacare, a huge disaster?

BTW: Why are Democrats changing the subject from the Obamacare?

Reminder to Democrats: The economy is so bad that 91 million (nearly half of people able to work) people are not working.

Friday, January 3, 2014

"Naukowcy globalnego ocieplenia" uratowani z .... lodów Antarktyki

Po dwóch tygodniach codziennych relacji telewizyjnych "naukowcy" i entuzjaści globalnego ocieplenia zostali w końcu uwolnieni z lodowych okowów na Antarktydzie. Ironia losu polega na tym ze ci ludzie popłynęli tam aby uzyskać fotograficzne dowody jak zły wpływ na lokalna florę ma globalne ocieplenie.

Oczywiście największe organizacje medialne ukrywały ten fakt. Dla przykładu, CNN na swojej stronie internetowej tylko półgębkiem (w ostatnim paragrafie) wspomina ze ci ludzie byli tam badać zmiany klimatyczne.

Nie udało się uzyskać dowodów zdjęciowych a teraz po tak dużym rozgłosie Photoshop tez nie pomoże.

W miedzy czasie prezydent Obama i inni lewicowi politycy w dalszym ciągu chcą walczyć z globalnym ociepleniem. Nowe podatki (może nawet globalne jeśli ONZ to przepchnie) już za zakrętem.

Z ostatniej chwili: Ta ekspedycja ma teraz oficjalna nazwę: Statek głupców.

Global warming "scientists" rescued from ice

You probably have seen this story on the CNN or other networks, 52 tourists and "scientists" were stranded  on Russian ship in Antarctic ice. It took over 2 weeks to rescue them. What was not well explained, online it was hidden in the last paragraph (reading between the lines), is that those people went there to get photographic evidence how bad the "global warming" is for the penguins in the Antarctic.

I put quotes around the word scientists because among other things there is no such science as "global warming" science. Also, wouldn't scientist be a little more prepared about conditions in the region of the world he was going to? Looks like they act based on their wishes then facts.

Now, that they are rescued from the ship it is said that they claim the ice is from melted iceberg.

Will they ever learn? Why Al Gore was not with them? (If he was there would be petitions to let him stay there.)

UPDATE: The Chinese ice breaker that trying to rescue those people is stuck itself in the ice and Australian ice breaker that is/was bringing them home may have to turn around to provide help. The irony!!!

UPDATE 2: The expedition now has an official name: The Ship of Fools.