Tuesday, July 31, 2018

74th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising, one of the most heroic acts of bravery of WWII

NYT / part of a full page ad by Wiesław Włodarski of Foodcare.pl

The Warsaw Uprising of August 1, 1944 is one of the most important events in modern Polish history.

The Warsaw Uprising was a heroic and tragic 63-day struggle to liberate World War II Warsaw from Nazi/German occupation. Undertaken by the Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK), the Polish resistance, it was a part of a nationwide uprising, Operation Tempest, and lasted until October 2.

The Warsaw Uprising was probably the largest single operation organized and executed by a partisan organization in WWII. It lasted two months, and when it was over, 200,000 people were dead, and the entire city was in ruins. In trying to achieve its goals, the uprising was a terrible failure. In showing the courage and the dedication of the Polish nation, it was a remarkable success. Largely sidelined in history books and often confused with Ghetto Uprising of 1943, the 1944 Warsaw Rising was a pivotal moment both in the outcome of the Second World War and in the origins of the cold war.

The uprising failed due to global politics played among Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was intended to last for only a few days until the Soviet Army would reach the city. The Soviet advance stopped short, however, on the other bank of the Vistula River. Stalin condemned the Rising as a criminal adventure (even though Russian radio broadcasts called for uprising) and refused to cooperate.

Initially German garrison of about 20,000 ill-equipped soldiers was outnumbered by AK fighters. However, out of more than 30,000 men & women, less than 3,000 were properly armed. Many only had pistols or antique hunting rifles, and a lot were armed with knives or swords! In the first day of fighting, over 2,000 Poles were lost while only 500 Germans were killed. When Hitler heard of the Uprising he ordered Himmler (head of the SS) to wipe Warsaw of the face of the earth. Thousands of heavily-armed German reinforcements were rushed into Warsaw. By mid-September German troops were reinforced up to 50,000 men under SS general Erich von dem Bach. German tanks & Stukas (divebombers) leveled entire blocks of the city at a time.

In 63 days of savage fighting and brutal reprisals the most memorable was Wola massacre, which took place in the first days of uprising. On August 5th German forces, notably subunits of the Sicherheitspolizei security police and notorious force of amnestied criminals SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger, rounded up and indiscriminately executed many of the people in the Wola district, including the elderly, women and children, as well as the insurgents taken prisoner. Mass executions in the district also included the mass murders of patients and personnel of the local hospitals, some of them burned alive. By August 8, some 40,000 civilians had been killed, though some estimates cite numbers as high as 100,000.

Polish losses amounted to 18,000 soldiers killed and 25,000 wounded. German casualties totalled over 17,000 soldiers killed and over 9,000 wounded. From Warsaw’s civilian population approximately 550,000 were sent to a concentration camp at Pruszkow and another 150,000 used as slave labour while over 200,000 died.

Following the surrender of Polish forces on October 2, German troops systematically burned the city block by block. 93% of the city became uninhabitable and featureless of landmarks. By January 1945, when the Soviets finally entered the city, Warsaw had practically ceased to exist.

Anne Applebaum in her "In Warsaw, a 'Good War' Wasn't" wrote:
Survivors in Poland have been telling their stories for quite some time. But it is true that the story is little known in this country, and there are reasons for that: It wasn't a story our political leaders wanted to dwell on at the time, and it hasn't been one anyone in this country wanted to talk much about since. Among other things, if we really absorbed its lessons, it would be difficult for Americans to feel quite so sentimental about World War II, and quite so nostalgic about the unshakable moral purpose for which it was supposedly fought.
For the story of the Warsaw uprising really is the story of the destruction of Poland's "greatest generation."

. . .
The scale of the catastrophe, the psychological, physical and economic damage, is almost unimaginable. Original underground army footage, obtained by CNN reporter David Ensor, shows vast stretches of central Warsaw reduced to rubble, people living in ruins, teenagers building barricades out of the remains of homes. As Norman Davies, the historian of the rising, points out, more civilians died every day for those 63 days than died on Sept. 11.

Walter Jajko in his lecture "The historical significance of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising" said:
... the Poles had a realistic understanding of what they were doing. The Rising was not a grand beau geste, although it was in keeping historically and psychologically with the unique character of Poland’s centuries-long fight for survival. The Poles had to stake their right to independence so strongly that the West could not ignore it. It was for this reason and to combat the Germans’ organized genocide that the Poles had formed a completely elaborated Underground State.
But the Poles had misplaced their hopes and expectations and misjudged the depth of the indifference, ignorance, and fecklessness of the West and, therefore, the worth of its promises. The Poles should have remembered Chamberlain’s characterization after Munich of their southern neighbors as a faraway people of whom little was known, and, I might add, for whom little was cared. With such statesmanship, the Warsaw Rising, even added to the bloodshed of the Polish Second Corps at Monte Cassino and the Polish Airborne Division at Arnhem and the singular shootdown score of the Polish squadrons in the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain, was insufficient. Stalin deliberately waited until the Polish Home Army was exhausted in the sixty-three days of battle against the Germans in its valorous attempt to liberate its capital by itself before he ordered the Red Army to cross the Vistula and enter Warsaw three months later.
The defeat of the Warsaw Rising essentially finished the Underground State. Stalin knew that the Underground State was an existing alternative government, organized throughout all of Polish society, that would prevent his Sovietization of Poland. Stalin knew too that the Home Army was the force that would insist on Polish independence even unto war against the Soviet Union. Stalin’s facilitation of the German suppression of the Warsaw Rising prevented the armed opposition to the Sovietization of Poland.

Related: Will Poles shame the New York Times into memorizing Warsaw Uprising?

7/31/18 (EN.): US

New York Times Upset over Threats Against Media; Ignores 500-Plus Attacks on Trump Supporters

Portland Police Refused To Help Ice Agents Who Called 911, Agents Say

Dershowitz To MSNBC Panel: Stop Making McCarthyite Claims Of Me Being A Trump Defender

Trump-Hating Congressional Candidate Calls First Lady Melania Trump a "Hoe Bag"

Giuliani: Mueller's Russia Probe Is Not a Legitimate Investigation

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7/31/18 (EN.): World

Trump Says Ready to Talk Directly with Iran’s President

Russia gives Polish prosecutors green light to visit Smolensk

EU slaps sanctions on six Russian groups over Crimea bridge

North Korea working on new missiles, US officials say, despite thaw

Israeli Demands That Iran Exit Syria Not 'Realistic,' Russian Envoy Says

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7/31/18 (PL.): Świat

Katastrofa smoleńska. Jest zgoda Rosjan na oględziny wraku TU-154M

Czarnogóra: Nie żyje dwoje turystów z Polski

Pomagają Putinowi budować most na Krym. Czekają ich unijne sankcje

Netflix tańszy o 10 mld dol. Disney ostro wkracza na rynek

Trump gotowy na spotkanie z prezydentem Iranu

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Thank You Warsaw

7/31/18 (PL.): Polska

KRS zajęła oficjalne stanowisko ws. statusu prof. Gersdorf

„To uderza w największe wartości i świętości”. Kaleta komentuje egzekucję „dla Rafała”

Włamał się do klasztoru w Radomiu. Zakonnicy zamknęli go w składziku

W Polsce najwięcej miejsc pracy. Warszawa wyprzedziła Berli

Złotówki inwestowane w przemysł kosmiczny zaczynają wracać do kasy państwa

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Jesteśmy, jeśli pamiętasz // We are here if you remember

7/30/18 (EN.): US

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall Funding

Antique Polish books sold off in Chicago

Three Dead, Seven Wounded After Two Suspects Open Fire in New Orleans

Nunes: Americans Will Be ‘Shocked’ By Other Carter Page Fisa Info

Sanctuary Cities Win A Temporary Victory In Chicago

Laughing All The Way to the Bank: Zuckerberg, Facebook Insiders Dumped Billions Worth of Shares Since Massive Scandal

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7/30/18 (EN.): World

Polls open in Zimbabwe's first post-Mugabe presidential election

Polish police to buy body cameras

Lombok earthquake: Hikers trapped on mountain after landslides

India Asks 4 Million to Prove Their Nationality

Navalny Aide, Others Released After Arrests At Moscow Protest

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7/30/18 (PL.): Świat

Grecja. 9-letnie bliźniaczki wśród 91 ofiar pożarów. Zginęły w objęciach dziadków

Swoje serce oddał Bogu. W USA na służbie zginął policjant polskiego pochodzenia

Trump triumfuje. Dobra zmiana w gospodarce

Wspinacze uwięzieni na szczycie wulkanu. Trwa akcja ratunkowa

Szok. Romans Macrona z ochroniarzem? Od plotek aż huczy!

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7/30/18 (PL.): Polska

Poznań: Awaryjne lądowanie samolotu. Maszyna zrzuciła większość paliwa

Prawie wszystkie trójmiejskie plaże zamknięte

Rodzina Mazowieckiego pozwała radną PiS. Nazwała byłego premiera „stalinowcem i agentem NKWD”

Obcokrajowcy ratują ZUS. 403 tys. Ukraińców pracuje na polską emeryturę

W niedzielę złożono milionowy wniosek w programie „Dobry start"

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Killing Warsaw

See how the Germans killed Warsaw. Literally. 

Mike Tyson on the Warsaw Uprising

Please pay attention to Mike's left (his left :)) arm. He is wearing Polish Resistance's White & Red armband with the letters AK which stand for Armia Krajowa (Home Army).

Thanks Mike!!!

7/29/18 (EN.): US

Report: FBI Has ‘Ongoing’ Relationship With Left-wing SPLC, Which Once Put Ben Carson On An ‘Extremist Watch List’

Pope Francis Accepts Resignation of U.S. Cardinal Accused of Serial Abuse

Ted Cruz On Alex Jones’s Facebook Ban: “Who The Hell Made Facebook The Arbiter Of Political Speech?”

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Stick It to Trump – Will Not Fund Border Wall in September Funding Bill

Voting Early but Not Often in Nashville

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7/29/18 (EN.): World

Earthquake hits Indonesia tourist island- killing 14

Warsaw Uprising vets to meet Polish president

Nicaragua protests: Thousands show support for Catholic Church

Report: Erdogan Defiant in Face of US Sanctions

U.S. And Georgia Hold Military Drills

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7/29/18 (PL.): Świat

Polscy weterani złożyli kwiaty pod Pomnikiem Katyńskim w Jersey City

Irlandia: Katolickie poradnie małżeńskie także dla par homoseksualnych. "Coraz głębszy kryzys"

Polscy strażacy w Szwecji: pogoda zaczyna nam sprzyjać

Indonezja: Silne trzęsienie ziemi na wyspie Lombok. Nie żyje co najmniej 10 osób

"Tornada ognia". Kalifornię trawią pożary

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7/29/18 (PL.): Polska

Ponad 130 kandydatów do Sądu Najwyższego

​IMGW ostrzega przed upałem i burzami z gradem

Koszulka z napisem: "Konstytucja, Jędrek!" na pomniku Lecha Kaczyńskiego w Szczecinie

Na Skawie w Jaroszowicach w Małopolsce doszło do wypadku kajakarzy

Prokuratura wszczęła dochodzenie ws. "konwoju wstydu". Zawiadomienie złożył poseł PiS

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Will Poles shame the New York Times into memorizing Warsaw Uprising?

It's a shame that the New York Times, America's most recognized newspaper in the world, is able to monetize on the greatest tragedy in Poland's history. But, apparently Poles begin to think that it's the only way for the NYT to mention the Warsaw Uprising, and hopefully show it in good light, without confusing it with Warsaw Getto Uprising. The quick Google search shows that last time NYT spent any time on that event was in 2004, on the 60th anniversary. 

Today, July 28th, Mr. Wieslaw Wlodarski, Founder and President of the FoodCare Group placed a full page add in the New York Times commemorating the Warsaw Uprising. The ad reminds the NYT readers (and editors) that on August 1st, 1944,  the Polish Home Army, made up of 50,000 men, women and children organized a second uprising in the Polish capital city, after Getto Uprising of April 1943, to eject evil German regime from the capital.

7/28/18 (EN.): US

Soaring Consumer Spending Drives GDP to 4.1% in Q2

Carr fire: California blaze leaves two dead

Kavanaugh And Allies Celebrate Early Successes Over Beer And Chips At White House

CNN: Trump Deserves Some Credit For This Booming Economy

Court Rules Lawsuit Against San Jose Officials By Trump Supporters Beaten to a Bloody Pulp by Violent Leftists Can Proceed

Obama Admin Knowingly Gave U.S. Taxpayer Money to Al-Qaeda Affiliate

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7/28/18 (EN.): World

Japan’s Next Weather Disaster: Typhoon Jongdari

Poland wants release of Ukrainian filmmaker from Russian prison camp

Bulgarian farmers devastated over ‘sheep and goat plague’ slaughter

Militants Attack Midwife Training Center In Eastern Afghanistan

UN warns it is 'running out of cash' in urgent appeal to members

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7/28/18 (PL.): Świat

Dzis wszyscy kupujemy NYTimes. Wyjątkowe wydanie "New York Times'a"! Amerykanie przeczytają o Powstaniu Warszawskim

USA. Strzelanina w domu spokojnej starości. Zginęło pięć osób

Rosyjski himalaista uwięziony w Karakorum

Ivanka Trump zamyka swoją firmę

Rosjanie wychodzą na ulice. Demonstracje przeciw reformie emerytalnej

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7/28/18 (PL.): Polska

Jackowska / Wprost
Kora Jackowska nie żyje. Wybitna polska artystka miała 67 lat

John Bolton potwierdził spotkanie Trump-Duda

To ma być nowy hit eksportowy. Polskie zioła mogą podbić świat

Giertych sugeruje przecieki ze śledztwa. Prokurator: Pan się ośmiesza

SLD zmienia kandydata na prezydenta Warszawy. Nowym kandydatem - Andrzej Rozenek

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Pay attention to what's going on in Poland, opposition parties try to provoke riots

Last night opposition parties, known as 'Total Opposition' that opposes removal from the country's courts former communist judges and "secret informers", staged the street protests in Warsaw with clear intention to provoke riots and stronger response from the police and hopefully riot-police. Part of their tactics are trying to videotape "brutality" of police actions against rioters, but they seem to forget that police are also video taping their actions, in case of lawsuits. The videos show that it's the protesters who are violent toward police. Actually, police forces show a great amount of restraining and professionalism.

There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism

Militia (Socialist Police) beating up workers
The term Democratic Socialism is heavily promoted lately in America as something to look forward to with hope and eagerness. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Democracy and Socialism are two opposite things. Historically, quite often Socialists pretended to be Democratic Socialists who love Democracy until they got to power. Would you like to live in East Germany if that was possible? After all Democratic was in their official name. How about Democratic North Korea? Democratic Socialists are socialists loving democracy until they order to shoot at those who oppose them. Remember Prague Spring in 1968? Czechoslovakia's Socialist Party attempted to reform itself. They even called it the Socialism With Human Face until other Socialist Democracies had enough and invaded them.

So, don't get fooled. Once Democratic Socialists win the government you will never be able to get rid of them. What we witness right now is just a teaser of what may happen soon. It took Obama only 8 years to "weaponize" the IRS, FBI and CIA against the citizens of their own country. The next time it will take them less time to do so.

Why we are on the subject, can anybody ask Bernie Sanders what did he tell his Russian friends after they ordered to open fire on workers and peasants in Poland, Lithuania and Romania who said enough is enough? Just asking?

7/27/18 (EN.): US

US Plane Lands in South Korea With War Remains

Ex-CA Congressman Submits Proposal to Ban Non-Citizens from Voting

Rand Paul: Brennan 2012 Leak ‘Helped Compromise’ Yemen Operation, Risked Agent’s Life

HBO Is Still Developing Confederate, The Show About Modern-Day Slavery

GOP Lawmakers Led by Rep. Kevin Yoder Pass Vote Allowing Gang-Domestic Violence Victims to Enter US — Could Double US Population

Democrat on Campaign Trail Calls 2018 Midterms 'Civil War 2'

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7/27/18 (EN.): World

Mexico, US Agree to Speed NAFTA Talks Toward August Deal

Poland protests: Thousands rally against court changes

Court reforms necessary, ruling party leader says

Greece: 'Serious indications' wildfires were caused by arson

Third Suspect Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Kazakh Olympic Skater

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7/27/18 (PL.): Świat

83 osoby zginęły przez podpalaczy? Grecki minister ujawnia szokujące informacje

USA: Olbrzymi pożar. Tysiące osób ewakuowanych. Przyczyną były podpalenia

Postanowienie szczytu Trump-Kim w realizacji. KRL-D przekazała szczątki amerykańskich żołnierzy

Strajk w Ryanair. Choć linia zaklina rzeczywistość i tak będzie musiała zapłacić klientom

Viktor Orban: potrzebujemy nowej Komisji Europejskiej

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7/27/18 (PL.): Polska

„Ty pajacu, precz z Pałacu!” Obraźliwe hasła i transparenty pod adresem prezydenta Dudy

Echa wywiadu w TVP. Giertych zgłasza Kaczyńskiego na świadka

Kolejne reformy sądownictwa - już na jesieni. Wiceminister zdradza szczegóły

Rząd: 500+ działa bardzo dobrze. Drugich i kolejnych dzieci przybywa

Krzysztof Czuma z PO wsparł Patryka Jakiego. "Przekonałem się, że można ukraść kamienicę"

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tylko w USA: Juncker "ograł" Trumpa

Lewicowe media w USA i w Europie świętują wielką przegraną Trumpa w negocjacjach z Junckerem.

Rzeczniczka Komisji Europejskiej, Kinga Malinowska, stwierdziła: Juncker powiedział, że obaj przywódcy zgodzili się, że dopóki trwają negocjacje, "wstrzymamy dalsze taryfy i dokonamy ponownej oceny istniejących ceł na stal i aluminium" wprowadzonych przez administrację Trumpa. Dodał też, że "to było dobre, konstruktywne spotkanie". 
Malinowska powiedziała, że Juncker nie zrobił jeszcze żadnych ustępstw. Wszystko, co mogę powiedzieć, to to, że rozmowy trwają. Przewodniczący Juncker pracuje nad uniknięciem nowych ceł. Bez koncesji.

Przyjrzyjmy się jednak zdaniu wypowiedzianemu przez Trumpa z którym Jucker energicznie się zgodził: "Uzgodniliśmy, że będziemy pracować z UE w kierunku zerowych taryf celnych na nie- motoryzacyjne towary przemysłowe". Innymi słowy, zero taryf na wszystkie towary poza samochodami.

Mało kto wie, bo media o tym nie chcą pisać, że większość towarów eksportowanych z USA czy to do Europy, Kanady, Meksyku, czy wreszcie Chin objęta jest taryfami celnymi podczas gdy towary płynące w kierunku USA nie, lub znacznie mniejszymi. Obwieszczając dążenie do wymiany towarowej bez taryf celnych Trump osiągnął cel do którego cały czas zmierza obnażając przy okazji dwulicowość Unii Europejskiej.

Kto tu kogo ogrywa?

7/26/18 (EN.): US

Maxine Waters Claims God Sent Her to Get Donald Trump

GOP Rep. Gaetz Threatens Twitter With FEC Complaint Over Twitter Suppression, Claims Twitter May Be Giving Opponent Illegal Advantage

House GOP Members Introduce Articles Of Impeachment Against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

Judicial Watch: House Republican Leadership Is HORRIFIED of Holding Maxine Waters to Account

LAPD Says Trader Joe's Employee Was Killed by Officer's Bullet in Standoff

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7/26/18 (EN.): World

Trump: US and EU agree to work towards lower trade barriers

Poland's foreign minister heads to White House for Polish-US talks

Frantic search for missing begins after devastating Greek wildfires

Japan Executes Last 6 Members of Subway Attack Cult

U.S. Issues 'Crimea Declaration' Reaffirming Rejection Of Russia's Annexation

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7/26/18 (PL.): Świat

USA nie uznają aneksji Krymu. Polskie MSZ popiera stanowisko Waszyngtonu

Eksplozja przed ambasadą USA w Pekinie

Naukowcy: Odkryliśmy jezioro pod powierzchnią Marsa. Może tam istnieć życie

Trump ogłasza "nową fazę" w relacjach z UE i podjęcie negocjacji

Krwawy atak. Zabili blisko 200 osób w jeden dzień

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7/26/18 (PL.): Polska

Zapadła decyzja ws. referendum konstytucyjnego. Pomysł Andrzeja Dudy upadł

Woda źródlana, Józefowianka, wycofana ze sprzedaży. GIS: Wykryto bakterie coli

Były prezes Enei zatrzymany przez CBA. W tle raj podatkowy

Koniec zabawy w „nie pamiętam”! Komisja weryfikacyjna ukarała świadka za odmowę odpowiedzi na pytania

Zielone Świątki nie będą dniem wolnym od pracy. Koniec marzeń o kolejnym długim weekendzie

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

7/25/18 (EN.): US

‘Woke Nation’: Joe Scarborough Rebrands ‘The Resistance’ as Tea Party of 2018

Former Special Ops Official ‘shocked’ White House Isn’t Considering Stripping Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance

Bad News From Cory Booker: If You Don’t Oppose Kavanaugh, You’re Complicit In The Evil

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Suggests 50% Democrat Tax Rates – Calls Trump Tax Bonuses “Crumbs”

Mass Media Hysteria Ensues after CNN Airs 'Secret' Trump-Michael Cohen Tape

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7/25/18 (EN.): World

Iran Names New Central Bank Head Amid Currency Collapse

Poland: Senators to debate president's referendum proposal

Novichok: Victim found poison bottle in branded box

Inter-Korean Cooperation Continues As Nuclear Talks Stall

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7/25/18 (PL.): Świat

Dramatyczna relacja Polaka, który stracił rodzinę w Grecji. "Pomocy żadnej nie było"

Krwawy zamach w dniu wyborów w Pakistanie

Tragiczne pożary w Grecji. 26 ciał znalezionych razem

Armia izraelska zestrzeliła syryjski odrzutowiec

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7/25/18 (PL.): Polska

SN: postępowanie ws. Mariusza Kamińskiego nadal zawieszone

Senat przyjął w nocy nowelizację ustawy o sądownictwie

Ogromny pożar wysypiska z odpadami chemicznymi pod Głogowem. Zagrożony szyb kopalniany, las i budynki

Dwójka dzieci zginęła w wypadku na Obwodnicy Południowej Gdańska

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

7/24/18 (EN.): US

Russian Hackers Came Close To Causing U.S. Blackouts Last Year

Fate of Jersey City monument to fallen Poles hangs in balance

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Communist Protesters March Against Vice President Pence

‘Real Indian’ Senate Candidate Slams Challenger Elizabeth Warren After Getting Attacked Outside Her Event

Stormy Daniels Is Getting Divorced Amid Allegations Of Cheating

Carter Page Says Clinton Campaign Was Spreading Rumors of Russian Collusion Months Before Dossier Surfaced

James Clapper: 'Obama Is Responsible' for Starting Trump/Russia Investigations

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7/24/18 (EN.): World

Greece wildfires: Nearly 50 dead in holiday area

Toxic algae forces Polish beach closures

Hundreds missing, homes swept away after dam collapses in Laos

S. Korea Considers Withdrawing Some Forces from Demilitarized Zone

Russia Offers To Keep Pro-Iran Forces 100 Kilometers From Israeli Border

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7/24/18 (PL.): Świat

Grecja: Największe pożary od lat. W ogniu zginęło już 50 osób

Tragiczne wieści z Grecji! W pożarach zginęło dwoje Polaków: matka z synem

Katastrofa zapory wodnej. Wiele ofiar i setki zaginionych

Izrael odrzuca ofertę Rosji ws. sił irańskich

Zidentyfikowano sprawcę strzelaniny w Toronto

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7/24/18 (PL.): Polska

Tragiczny pożar w Warszawie. Nie żyją trzy osoby

Policja demaskuje narrację o męczennikach opozycji

Ojciec prezydenta Dudy „jedynką” PiS w Krakowie

Linia promowa przewiozła strażaków do Szwecji za darmo. "Inni zaproponowali 75 tys. zł"

Kilkadziesiąt zamkniętych kąpielisk nad Bałtykiem. Wszystko przez sinice

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Monday, July 23, 2018

7/23/18 (EN.): US

Report: Pelosi, DCCC says petition will block Putin's visit, misleading donors

Report: U.S. Catholic Bishops Relief Agency Funds Major Anti-Life Lobbyists

Obama’s Best Friend’s For-Profit University Faces Federal Investigation

Trey Gowdy: If There Was Any Evidence That Trump Colluded, Adam Schiff Would Have Leaked It Already

Russian Spy Butina Was Meeting with Obama Treasury While Spying on NRA, Conservatives

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7/23/18 (EN.): World

Brexit minister warns Britain may refuse to pay Brexit divorce bill

Polish Americans protest a plan to sell Chicago church

Toronto: Deadly attack in Greektown district

Trump Warns Iranian President 'Never Threaten the US'

Ukrainian Man Pleads Not Guilty At Russian Trial, Disputes Terror Charge

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7/23/18 (PL.): Świat

Strzelanina w Toronto! Są ofiary

Ursus chce uruchomić produkcję w Sudanie. Informacja rozgrzała inwestorów

Znaleziono ciało Polki, która zaginęła w Bułgarii

Więzienna miss piękności skazana na śmierć. 25 razy dźgnęła nożem chłopaka

"Wojna z Iranem to matka wszystkich wojen"

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7/23/18 (PL.): Polska

Szczerba naraża życie policjanta i jego rodziny

Platforma wycofuje się we Wrocławiu. Ujazdowski traci poparcie partii w wyścigu o fotel prezydenta

Ten sondaż może zaskoczyć Donalda Tuska. Chodzi o wybory prezydenckie

LPP pozostanie na zawsze polskie. Zabezpieczyć ma to fundacja

Policja zatrzymała sprawcę ataku na biuro PiS. 49-letnia kobieta usłyszała zarzuty

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

7/22/18 (EN.): US

DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Applications

Clinton Cash Author: ‘Different Set of Standards’ for Clintons Angers Americans

WaPo Basically Admits That Mexico Is A S***Hole Country

Obama’s Former Director of National Intelligence Says Obama Behind Entire Russia Witch Hunt!

Dem. Candidate Bankrolled Effort to Curb 'Irresponsible Breeding' and Tax Families With 2+ Kids

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7/22/18 (EN.): World

Israel evacuates hundreds of Syria’s White Helmets to Jordan

Polish daredevil attempts to ski down K2

Worcester 'acid attack': Boy aged three injured

US Military Sees Change in N. Korea

Iran's Rohani Warns Trump: 'Don't Play With The Lion's Tail'

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7/22/18 (PL.): Świat

Szwedzi nie kryją wdzięczności dla polskich strażaków

Bundeswehra sięgnie po obcokrajowców? "Rozpatrujemy wszystkie opcje"

Worcester. 3-letni chłopiec zaatakowany kwasem

Izrael ewakuował z Syrii 800 osób związanych z Białymi Hełmami

USA: lekarz byłego prezydenta George'a H.W. Busha zastrzelony podczas jazdy na rowerze

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7/22/18 (PL.): Polska

Niezwykły wyczyn Polaka. Zdobył K2 i zjeżdża ze szczytu na nartach

"Chłopak w wieku mojego syna został wczoraj pobity przez policję"

Ataki na biura polityków PiS. Mioduszewski: To ewidentna forma oporu

Zamek w Puszczy Noteckiej pod lupą Prokuratury Krajowej

Wasabi spod Radomia. Kilogram kosztuje nawet 1500 złotych

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