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Thursday, April 16, 2020

7,771 cases of coronavirus

As of today, 4/16/20, Poland has 7,771 (380 news) cases of coronavirus and 292 related deaths.

It is expected, according to the Institute for Health and Evaluation from University of Washington, that Poland will see a peak around April 27th and the daily number of deaths will reach 72. According to Institute's projections by July a total number of deaths may reach 2,500. At this point the daily number of deaths is still growing and now is at 23.

In Lithuania a whole town, Niemenczyn, with a population of 5,000, half of which are Lithuanian-Poles, was placed under quarantine after 20 residents were diagnosed with the virus.

Polish police routinely converts illegally produced and distributed alcohol that was seized during the investigations of into disinfecting solution.

Poland is now conducting 12.5k coronavirus tests a day for a total of 169k so far.

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