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Friday, April 24, 2020

Even "science" could be inconvenient

In little over two weeks by Polish law, there should be presidential elections in Poland. There are just two problems, though. First, obviously we have a pandemic so the elections are virtually impossible to organize. Second, the candidates from the opposition parties performed so badly that their chances are low.

- Poland now has 10,759 infections and 463 related deaths.

To solve the first problem the government proposed that this year the elections would be totally a vote-by-mail. As we all know, in the United States the vote-by-mail is something that the Democratic party heavily promotes as "super democratic" yet in Poland, since even that form of voting won't change the outcome, suddenly, vote-by-mail is a "totalitarian", "fascist" and "is making a mockery out of what should be a free and fair election" - direct quote from the Bloomberg's piece published yesterday. 

The so called "total opposition" parties went as far as to claim that vote-by-mail is dangerous to voters' health because the envelopes in which the ballot will arrive may also bring the Coronavirus. Something that is in direct contradiction to their "scientific approach" to just about everything else (global warming, pregnancy, sex education, and so on), because even the World Health Organization just declared that the risk of infection by handling mail is low. 

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