Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Poland: 17,000 infections, 847 deaths

Laboratory tests confirmed coronavirus infection in another 180 people, including 113 people from the goal mining region, Silesia - the Ministry of Health informed this morning. In total, 17,062 cases have been recorded so far. The Ministry also said that another 8 people died, in total there are 847 deaths. 2,648 patients are hospitalized due to coronavirus; 6410 people have recovered.

Climate Home News: "A Covid-19 outbreak among miners in the southern region of Silesia is the latest scourge on an industry suffering from falling demand, cheaper competition and accumulated financial losses."  - The health crisis in the region could lead to mine closures that would further weaken Poland’s coal industry and energy security.

600,000 face masks purchased by the European Union do not meet any standards - Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski said during a press conference. Szumowski said that he will send information on this matter to the European Commission today, as these masks have been sent to over a dozen other countries. - As you can see, the problem is common, not only in Poland but also in the European Union - he added.

On May 18th, Poland is entering a third stage of defrosting the economy. Hair and beauty salons will be open, restaurants, bars and coffee shops will start operating and more people will be able to use public transportation.

From May 18, the limits of people who can exercise at open sports facilities will be increased. At stadiums, tracks and skate parks - there can be a maximum of 14 people (+ 2 trainers). On open full-size football fields - there can be a maximum of 22 people (+ 4 coaches). 

Outdoor cinemas (including drive-in theaters) will return, work on film sets (under sanitary regulations) will resume. Phonographic and audiovisual recordings can also resume.

From May 25, children in grades 1-3 can be cared for in elementary schools. Consultations for final exams, individual or in small groups, will be introduced for high school graduates. 

From May 25, the possibility of teaching classes (for final year high school students) will be back. 

Border control at the EU's internal borders with Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be extended for another 30 days until June 12, 2020. As before, the border can only be crossed at designated places. Checks will also continue at seaports and airports.