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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Poland sends medical help to Vatican

Poland May Avoid Recession in 2020 -- Poland sends medical supplies to Vatican

It's hard to believe but this morning out of top five news about Poland on Google News, two are positive. It almost never happens here.

Let me concentrate on the second one: Polish medical assistance arrived at the Vatican on Friday. Two trucks with masks, disinfectants and other medical materials arrived from Poland. This is the result of a telephone conversation that President Andrzej Duda had with Pope Francis eight days ago.

Both the Polish Ambassador to the Holy See, Janusz Kotański, and the Apostolic Almoner, Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, played crucial roles in the arrival of these medical supplies.

Today’s special gift is “a sign confirming Poland’s proverbial solidarity,” Janusz Kotański told Vatican News.

He underlined this point, saying that “solidarity is our specialty, a Polish specialty. The gift for Vatican City is destined to the poor and those who are sick”. He further specified that the medical supplies sent will benefit “Italians, Vatican City, the Gendarmeria, and the Swiss Guard."

PKN Orlen took care of the preparation of the gifts and organization of transport. "This is the largest aid project when it comes to energy and fuel companies in the last 30 years" - says Daniel Obajtek, president of the company. As he added, we are talking about 735 thousand. masks, 34 thousand liters of disinfectant liquids and 10 thousand medical overalls.

Ambassador Kotański said that “the situation in Poland is not the same that Italy is experiencing. It is not a tragic situation. This moment is also a difficult time for our nation, but not like in Italy, Spain and Germany."