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Saturday, May 9, 2020

The coal mining region, Silesia, a new priority in fight with coronavirus

About 30,000 text messages were sent to the miners and their families so that they would stay at home and try not to leave them - said Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski during today's press conference in the Silesian Province. He expects an infection to be flattened within a few days.

- Work in a mine is very hard. It is difficult to maintain the sanitary regime we expect in other workplaces. This is physical work, in difficult temperature conditions, humidity. Shared baths, elevators, where miners go to work. These are difficult challenges, but with increased sanitary controls in Silesia, I believe that they will stop the development of infections - said the Minister.
Poland cases by Niezalezna.pl

The mines must maintain their operations, although at a minimal level. Without that there would be serious effects - he added.

In recent days, the Silesia region had the highest number of coronavirus infections (3,323 cases, 146 deaths). Epicenters have appeared in several mines. The Chief Sanitary Inspector, who arrived there on Wednesday to personally familiarize himself with the situation, assessed during an afternoon press conference that it was "complicated situation".