Thursday, June 11, 2020

EU is opening the borders, slowly

The European Commission recommends the Schengen countries to partially and gradually open the EU's external borders after June 30. Guidelines issued on Thursday also indicate that internal controls should be lifted on June 15.

The Commission's recommendations are not binding, but they are intended to help member countries make decisions in a coordinated way. In the case of external borders, closing took place in a harmonious manner after arrangements among the Member States. 
The current decision provides that, by June 15, the external borders of the EU are closed for travels that are not necessary. The Commission proposes to extend this deadline, until June 30. 

Given that the epidemiological situation in some countries outside the EU is bad, the Commission does not propose to lift the travel restrictions generally at this stage. It recommends that restrictions be lifted jointly by the Member States, based on a set of rules and objective criteria. Among others are the health situation, the possibility of restrictive measures during travel and reciprocity in lifting the travel ban for Europeans by third countries.