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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Polish bicycle maker doubles production

Before the pandemic, CEO of Kross Bikes, Zbigniew Sosnowski, assumed doubling the production and sale of bicycles by 2025. Now the Polish manufacturer declares that they are able to exceed this plan. After March and April there is no trace of the stagnation.

Unlike many companies in Europe, Kross produced bikes during the "shutdown" delivering them to its warehouses. And now they are well prepared to serve new buyers.

"In March, sales dropped dramatically, there were basically no customers in the stores. We have realized only 30 percent of our plans for this month. It was similar in April. It was May that brought the market recovery and gave us hope to make up for the losses. Sales gained a lot of momentum. You can see that customers want to buy bikes. However, we estimate that our sales for the whole year will be 20 percent below expectations" - says Kross' CEO. -
Our export plan was significantly exceeded, we were also able to open completely new markets. We've even entered the Australian market. We sent a lot of bikes there. We opened markets in Western Europe, for example in Denmark, but we also increased exports to our existing customers abroad. We achieve great results in Spain. Today, when going to this country or the Canary Islands, Kross bikes are more and more often seen. We are in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and even Russia. Generally, we are quite heavily positioned in Central and Eastern Europe. We also have a significant share in the Baltic States.

They planned to double production and sales by 2025. Now they think they will be able to that much sooner.