Friday, August 7, 2020

Polish firefighters began search and rescue work in Beirut

Poles were among the first to volunteer for help after the explosion in Beirut. A MUSAR search and rescue team was sent there, consisting of 39 rescuers accompanied by four dogs.

Chemical rescue specialists joined the squad. The group is commanded by senior brig. Mariusz Feltynowski, who previously led the rescue operations during the post-earthquake missions in Haiti and Nepal.

"The firefighters have been given a zone where they will be able to carry out operational activities. These are debris areas with damaged infrastructure" - emphasized the spokesman of the State Fire Service. He indicated that rescuers are preparing to begin a reconnaissance of the zone. "They have an indicated area of activity. This zone will be marked so that rescuers from other groups would not get in the way, but also that they would know from where - where to go" - he informed. He also reported that the base for the rescue operation in Beirut was operational.