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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Shocking Report in "Solidarity Weekly": Illegal Hormones Sold to Teenagers in Secret Trans-Activist Chat Rooms

The latest issue of "Tygodnik Solidarność" (translates to: Solidarity Weekly) features a shocking article by Waldemar Krysiak and Agnieszka Żurek about secret forums on the Internet, where teenagers receive help in obtaining illegal hormones necessary for sex change, often "paying" for this help with their naked photos. 

Waldemar Krysiak, a former LGBT activist known online as "Gay against the world", explored the dark world of secret chat rooms for trans-activists, which can only be accessed by going through various "degrees of initiation".

"I have known for a long time that strange things are happening in groups of transsexual activists, which are often referred to as support groups where children and teenagers are being told that there is something wrong with their bodies, that changing sex is common or even desirable, that activists are right, not parents, that you have to take illegal hormones" - writes Krysiak.

What Krysiak found on private servers called Discord shocked him so much that he decided to not only contact the authorities but also publicize on Solidarity Weekly.

The article is available in Polish in print or in PDF.

Tygodnik Solidarność (Solidarity Weekly) is a print magazine owned by the Solidarity Union, Solidarność. The same one the broke the Communism in the Eastern Europe.