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Monday, September 21, 2020

Joe Biden attacked Poland and its supposed “LGBT-free zones”

Source: Google

 CNN didn't notice it, Fox News didn't notice it. It's not on Google News, but it's on Joe Biden's official Twitter account, so it must be true. Joe Biden decided to add Poland into things he wants to talk about. Specifically, he is against “LGBT-free zones” in Poland, the "European Union or anywhere in the world." Good for him. So are we. 

The problem is, as far as we know there are no such zones in Poland. According to the BBC, "some 100 towns and regions across Poland, nearly a third of the country, have passed resolutions declaring themselves free of 'LGBT ideology", but not an "LGBT-free zones."

We do hear, that there are LGBT activists traveling across Poland who affix small yellow signs (they all look the same) to the road signs declaring them "LGBT-free zones", snap the pictures and post them online as a proof of existence of such zones. We also hear about lawsuits about their actions.

One would hope that the man who wants to be the next leader of the FREE World would check basic facts before flaming the fire. 

PS. I totally expect Facebook to "fact check" this post about the issue.