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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Poland just got a taste of future relations with US and EU thanks to the US Ambassador

What previously looked like a chance involvement of the US Embassy in the publication of the Open Letter now looks more and more like a leading role of Ms Mosbacher.

In her interview with a news portal, WP (Virtual Poland), she does not leave any doubt that Poland has no choice but to comply with the wishes of LGBT+ movement. 

"You must know that you are on the wrong side of history when it comes to LGBT. I am talking about the progress that is being made, no matter what. Using this type of rhetoric towards sexual minorities only alienates Poland," Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher said in an interview with Marcin Makowski.

She left no doubt that both economic and military cooperation between Poland and the United States depends on that. 

Mosbacher told the interviewer that Poland has a reputation of being "hostile to sexual minorities", which in turn translates into negative investment decisions and has an impact on "military matters". The politician emphasized that the LGBT issue in the US unites most politicians, for example both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

We already know that Joe Biden decided that it was OK to tweet about "LGBT Free Zones" that until now most politicians in Poland treated as a Fake News but now slowly becomes true because it is repeated so often. 

That also means that US Ambassador and 49 others just gave a virtual immunity to the LGBT activists who in recent weeks committed hate crimes, because any legal action against them would now be seen as persecution. 

When the interviewer, Marcin Makowski, pointed out to the American ambassador that sexual minorities in Poland have exactly the same rights as people living in informal relationships she refused to go into details but pointed out that Poland's reputation has negative consequences.

The recent behavior of Ms. Mosbacher, and this is not the first time, shows that she acts not as a diplomat, but more like overseer who instructs, reprimands, rebukes, rewards and punishes, and now threatens. There are already calls among the political commentators to remove her from the post.