Thursday, September 3, 2020

Polish children returned to school. A small number of schools have not started education in the traditional way.

 The 2020/2021 school year in Poland started yesterday, with schools returning to full-time teaching. The inaugurations took place on Tuesday, the lessons started on Wednesday. Schools have sanitary guidelines developed by the ministries of education and health and the chief sanitary inspector.

"Out of almost 50,000 schools and kindergartens that operate in Poland only a tiny fraction, a fraction of a percent, 1/10 percent of what I remember, are schools that did not start learning normally, in a traditional way . In all other cases, the students resumed their traditional activities and met their teachers" - said the Minister of National Education (MEN) Dariusz Piontkowski during a television interview.

"So it turned out that, as in other European countries, it was possible to return to traditional activities as usual" - added the head of the MEN.