Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Sejm passed the "covid law"

 Polish parliament passed new laws aimed at fighting the pandemic. The act introduces several significant changes to the law, concerning the obligation to cover the nose and mouth or employ doctors.

The salary of medical personnel referred to fight the epidemic was increased to 200 percent from the previous 150 percent average base salary for a given job position.

Another issue regulated by the act is the facilitation of the employment of specialist doctors in Poland who obtained professional qualifications outside the European Union, for example Ukraine. They will be able to be employed in the health care system after meeting the statutory requirements.

The act provides that it will be possible to delegate to work on COVID-19 young doctors who are in the postgraduate internship and those who have completed a postgraduate internship but have not obtained the right to practice yet. In addition, persons referred to provide health services in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic may also include students and doctoral students of medical faculties as well as people who completed their education in the medical profession in the last 5 years.