Thursday, November 19, 2020

EU in crisis of its own making

If you believed the press you would think that Poland and Hungary just pushed an entire EU into turmoil over their wish to avoid the "rule of law." What you may not find in the press is that the ever changing and evolving "rule of law" keeps Poland in permanent political crisis for at least last 3 years.

 This is a question of whether or not our fate is in our hands; this is not a division between the right wing and the left wing, it is a division between those who want the Polish nation to decide for itself or that our fate should be decided by officials in Brussels - said the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to the Sejm (Polish parliament) on Wednesday.

Spanish MEP, Hermann Tertsch, who is a living legend of journalism in Spain was even more upfront with his opinion about the situation:

Poland and Hungary said "enough". They said that it is impossible to endure idly all the threats and blackmail to which they are constantly subjected to force them to change their policies. Poles voted for the Right in free elections. Meanwhile, the EU is trying to impose the ideological dictate of the left wing from Brussels on them. It cannot be so!

Now they (Poland and Hungary) have also received support from Slovenia, which confirms that nowhere is it written that the member states should meekly implement the policies and goals of the Left in Brussels, no matter how much support it enjoys from other parties or countries. Poland and Hungary are accused of dismantling democracy, and yet this is false. It is the democracy of Spain that is in danger, but somehow nobody is talking about it.
Silence, while there is vote on the removal of Spanish as the official language in Spain, the institutions of public life are being dismantled, and they are trying to overthrow the king, while dealing with terrorists, separatists and narco-dictatorships from Latin America. What is happening now in Spain is the greatest scandal and danger for the whole of Europe, but nothing is said about it in the European Commission, which is infatuated with itself and focused on social engineering plans and climate issues.