Wednesday, November 18, 2020

German owned newspaper in Poland explains to Poles what is in the best interest of Poland

 "This is not a quarrel in the family anymore. It looks like a good brawl is brewing. Poland and Hungary are perched on the other 25 countries of the European Union. Hungary, officially announced today that on Monday it will block the EU budget for 2021–2027. That means they will simultaneously block gigantic payments for Poland as part of the post-coronavirus reconstruction fund" - writes the German owned paper in Poland, "Fakt".

"The entire European Union, apart from Hungary, voted in favor of linking the rule of law with funds in order to fight corruption and the rule of law," warns MEP Radosław Sikorski from opposition party, Civic Platform, in "Fakt". 

The paper seems to be trying to also turn Poles against Hungary. Which makes sense. Either country would have more difficulty to oppose the EU alone.